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Since 1986 the mission of the Foundation has been to enhance the quality of public education in Lee County by increasing community involvement in, and support for, Lee County Public Schools. A diverse group of local business and community leaders realized that the cornerstone of an economically strong community was a quality public education system.

The purpose of every initiative of The Foundation for Lee County Public Schools is to enhance and enrich the quality of public education in Lee County for students and educators. Click on our various Programs to learn more about our students' unique learning opportunities and how teachers themselves are recognized and encouraged in their dedicated efforts.



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Our Mission and Goals

The Foundation for Lee County Public Schools is a non-profit, 501(c)(3), charitable education foundation which enhances and enriches the quality of public education in Lee County for students and educators. The Foundation’s programs, resources, and experiences are made possible through corporate, individual, and educational partnerships.

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Golden Apple Program

The Golden Apple Teacher Recognition Program™ was the first major project founded and developed by The Foundation for Lee County Public Schools, Inc. as a way to enhance public education by recognizing and rewarding excellence in teaching.  Since its inception thirty five years ago, the  Foundation has awarded over 200 educators county wide with the prestigious Golden Apple awards.


Each school year begins with an invitation to students, parents, teachers, administrators and the general public to nominate a Lee County School District teacher who is making an extraordinary contribution to our students and education. Typically, we receive over 6,000 nomination forms annually, nominating over 2,000 individual teachers.


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