Student Advocacy & Mentoring Partnership (STAMP)

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The STAMP program strives to accommodate eligible students, match them with mentors, and assist them in acquiring scholarships to cover the cost of attending college or other post-secondary training. Students and their families, mentors, school coordinators, and Foundation staff all work together through the STAMP program and are instrumental in helping students pursue their post-high school education and career goals. Students will also be able to attend STEM@work events to learn about local businesses.

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Student Advocacy & Mentoring Partnership (STAMP)

Realizing the great impact that mentors have on students, the Foundation has implemented the Student Advocacy & Mentoring Partnership (STAMP). STAMP is a program that offers students the opportunity to achieve success by providing them college and career planning resources and volunteer mentors to give students assistance, guidance, motivation and accountability to work hard and to ensure they graduate from high school to continue their education either through technical training or earning a college degree. It is a multi-year commitment for at-risk high school students to invest in their future and increase the high school graduation rate and post-secondary educational opportunities.


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LEAD Like a girl

The LEAD Like a Girl Summit was created to help provide young ladies an opportunity to help guide them to their highest potential. We did this by realizing the importance of empowering and inspiring young females to become strong, independent, successful, and beneficial contributors in their community.  Since the inception of the summit in 2017, the Foundation has been hosting this opportunity annually for middle and high school girls to come together in an uplifting and safe place. 

Our goal is to foster a spirit of camaraderie in our young women by Leading, Educating, Advocating and Developing. It takes these four traits for a woman to reach her highest potential and to leave a lasting impact on her community. Four diverse and professional women panelists are selected from the community every year to present a speech on each one of the four traits. The rest of the event is led by students themselves in small groups, using relevant guiding questions to discuss current trends, hot topics, personal stories and struggles they face day to day. This includes, learning how to conquer any hurdle or struggle they face to become their best selves with the support of a Lead Like a Girl Table Mentor.


The 7th annual  summit took place on December 9th, 2023 at Florida SouthWestern State College. There were 150 young women selected from 15 high schools and 21 middle schools within the School District of Lee County to participate in the summit. The four panelists were:


Leadership: Judge Maria Gonzalez

Education: Dr. Jennifer Cupid-Mccoy

Advocacy: Noelle Branning, Esq.

Development: Jenifer McBride

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Young Men LEAD

Young Men LEAD's mission is to empower students with ideas and a toolkit to make a difference within their schools and neighborhoods through Leadership, Education, Advocacy, and Development.

The 7th annual summit will take place on April 5th, 2024 at Florida SouthWestern State College. There will 150 young men selected from 15 high schools and 21 middle schools within the School District of Lee County to participate in the summit.

The four panelists are:

 Leadership: Mayor Kevin Anderson

Education: Angel Gomez

Advocacy: Honorable Archie Hayward

Development: Antwan Dixon

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