Business Partners

The business partners program works to create partnerships between the business and education community to enhance education. Throughout the year we receive many organizations that wish to donate to schools directly and ask for our assistance in organizing these gifting opportunities. Engaging our business community with our students and educators is a winning proposition for everyone. Because of the involvement of business leaders, our students’ futures look bright, and we cannot thank them enough for their generosity and partnerships in helping our next employees, employers and comminuty leaders succeed.

Gulfpoint Construction

We had the pleasure to help spread Christmas cheer to some very deserving children at G. Weaver Hipps Elementary with the help from an amazing business partner, Gulfpoint Construction! Thank you for sponsoring these children and bringing them some holiday magic!


Suffolk Construction

Suffolk Construction is another amazing business partner of ours that not only graciously gifted 20 bikes to children at Lehigh Elementary, but they also built these bikes! We are so very thankful for this partnership and the love you have for our schools!

Fairways at Eagle Ridge

The Fairways at Eagle Ridge collected and donated an AMAZING load of gifts for the students of the School District of Lee County in need. Our students were thrilled to have such wonderful presents for the holiday!


Coke Florida

Thank you to our outstanding community partner Coke Florida for sponsoring the first ever Fort Myers Middle Academy AVID Black History Month Living Museum. They provided ten chromebooks for the top ten students projects, with an additional four chromebooks on reserve for another prize for students at the end of the year.

Edward Jones Partnership

Through a shared partnership with Edward Jones we were able to help the fine students at Dunbar High secure graphing calculators (278) to use during the school year. Edward Jones reached out at the end of 2023 and asked about a school that could use these and donated $31,580 for us to purchase these for their school.